The Hormonal Contraceptive Implant

The hormonal contraceptive implant is a small flexible piece of plastic that is inserted under the skin in your upper arm by your doctor.
It releases the hormone progestogen into the bloodstream which prevents pregnancy. The implant lasts for 3 years.
You can have the implant put in at any time during your monthly cycle, as long as you are not already pregnant.

If the implant is fitted during the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle, you'll be immediately protected, if it is fitted on any other day of your cycle, you will need to use some additional contraception (such as condoms) for the next 7 days.


  • Works for 3 years, however can be removed sooner if desired.
  • You do not have to think about contraception every day for as long as the implant is in place and working.
  • When the implant is removed, your fertility will return to normal.


  • Periods may stop, be irregular or last longer
  • Requires a small procedure to insert and remove it.
  • The implant does not protect against STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) so you may need to use a condom as well.
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