Fertility Awareness or Cycle Tracking

Fertility awareness, Cycle Tracking or Natural family planning is the method of contraception where a woman monitors and records different fertility signals during her menstrual cycle to work out when she is likely to get pregnant.
Although this page briefly explains how it works and what you would need to do, it is in no way a substitute for instruction and training from a specialist natural family planning teacher and should not be used as a guide to this form of contraception.

Natural family planning involves identifying the signs and symptoms of fertility during your menstrual cycle so you can plan or avoid pregnancy.
If you're interested in learning natural family planning, make sure you're taught by a properly qualified fertility awareness teacher such as Dr. Wagner.


  • No physical side effects.
  • Can be used to plan as well as prevent pregnancy.


  • Need to avoid sex or use condoms at fertile times of the cycle.
  • Requires continued commitment and practice .
  • You will need to keep a daily record of your fertility signs for it to work effectively.

(Perfect use means using the method correctly each time and Typical is when you do not always use it correctly)

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