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What is a coil clinic appointment?

A coil clinic is a special consultation with Dr. Wagner to deal with all aspects of the contraceptive coil.
Dr. Anna M Wagner Contraceptive Coil Clinic

In a coil discussion, the pros and cons of the different methods, both hormonal and non-hormonal coil’s will be explored, and your suitability for each method will be checked.

If you already have a preference, just let Dr. Wagner know, and your suitability for that method can also be assessed before progressing.
Once a decision is made regarding which form of contraception best suits, you can have it fitted expertly by Dr. Wagner. If you are concerned about discomfort or pain during the fitting, pain relief is available before fitting commences.

Coil replacement is also available during a coil clinic meeting, as is coil removal if you have decided to change to a different contraception method, aim to become pregnant, or simply wish to stop using the coil.
When booking your coil clinic appointment below, please indicate which areas you wish to address.
Dr. Wagner can then prepare accordingly.

During your clinic appointment you will be able to.

✓    Discuss your options for coil contraception

✓    Test for suitability between hormonal or non-hormonal

✓    Have a coil fitted

✓    Get your coil replaced

✓    Have your existing coil removed

What Will Happen At My Coil Clinic Appointment?

1.  Check in at Reception
1. Check in at Reception
You may have a short wait to fill out some forms. You will then be called in to see Dr. Wagner.
2. Coil Discussion & Assesment
2. Coil Discussion & Assesment
Dr. Wagner will talk to you about your available options and check this is a suitable method of contraception for you.
3. Having a Coil Fitted
3. Having a Coil Fitted
If suitable Dr. Wagner will be able to fit your chosen type of coil for you during the appointment.
4. More tests are needed?
4. More tests are needed?
In some cases, you may need extra tests. Dr. Wagner will discuss the reasons for this directly with you.
5. Coil Replacement
5. Coil Replacement
You should use contraception or avoid sex for 1 week before, in case of difficulty fitting the new coil after the old one has been removed.
6. Coil Removal
6. Coil Removal
Dr. Wagner will remove your coil. Anaesthetic gas is available if requested during this procedure at a small additional cost.
7. Conclusion
7. Conclusion
After fitting Dr. Wagner will teach you how to feel for the threads & check it is still safely in place.
The appointment generally lasts for 20 minutes.
It is best not to bring children and there are no child-minding facilities in the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

1If I get pregnant while using hormonal contraception, will the hormones harm the baby?
Many women who have become pregnant whilst using hormonal contraception continue unknowingly to take hormones before the pregnancy is identified. There are no known adverse effects on the baby.
2If I get pregnant will my IUD/IUS harm the baby?
For those in extended use who are wanting to plan a pregnancy and unable to have their IUD/IUS removed due to restrictions, it would be advisable to use additional contraception until you are able to have the device removed rather than risk any complications by conceiving when it is still inside.
3I don’t have periods with my implant or IUS so how will I know whether I am pregnant or not once it is beyond the usual replacement date.
Extended use within guidelines makes the likelihood of pregnancy very low but there is still a risk, that’s why the advice is to either use condoms or if suitable another hormonal method until you can have your implant or IUS replaced. If you think you might be pregnant you should take a test 3 weeks after any risk and use condoms until sure. If you are worried your IUD or IUS might have fallen out and are unable to find your threads, then you should also use condoms until you are able to get it checked.
4I was advised to extend using my IUS/Implant I wasn’t having periods before, and now they have come back. Does this mean my implant or IUS has stopped working?
It is not uncommon for your bleeding pattern to gradually change towards the end of the lifespan of the device. If your bleeding pattern changes very suddenly with the IUS, check that your IUS is still in place by checking for threads. Lots of users have sporadic bleeding when using implant or IUS, however if this is unusual for you and you are beyond your replacement date it is recommended to use additional contraception such as condoms or have a chat with your Dr. about adding hormonal contraception. Although in the first year after the “change date” of an implant and some IUS it is highly unlikely you will get pregnant, it is not guaranteed.
5I have been advised to use other hormones for contraception while my implant/hormonal IUS is still there. Will this harm me?
The amount of hormones present in the body with either the implant or the hormonal IUS is extremely small. In addition, progestogen, which is the type of hormone used in both the implant and hormonal IUS is a very safe hormone and one that almost every woman can use even if they have other health problems. It will therefore not harm you to take other hormones as well. When starting any new hormone however it is always important to check that it is safe for you to use.
6Is it safe to leave my implant or IUD in place after it has expired?
It is safe for your expired device to be left until you can get into see your doctor again. The only risk is of an unintended pregnancy so make sure you use additional precautions such as condoms or contraceptive pills to provide protection.
7My Copper IUD has expired and is now due for a change. Will it still protect me?
Those using a 10-year banded copper IUD can continue to use this device for 12 years after insertion. The risk of pregnancy remains extremely low, although full protection cannot be guaranteed. Some people may therefore choose to use additional precautions after 10 years have passed. 5-year IUDs should not be assumed to be effective after the 5 years has passed.
8Do older women using the IUS need to have their device changed after 45?
People who are more than 45 when they have the Mirena or Levosert inserted can use the device for contraception until the age of 55 as it will continue to provide protection against pregnancy. After this age, contraception is no longer needed. People who are using the Mirena IUS as part of their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) taken with oestrogen, still need to change the IUS after 5 years. Levosert is not currently licensed to be given as part of an HRT regime. However, for those using the lower dose or shorter use hormonal IUS (eg Kyleena, Jaydess) it is not currently recommended that you extend the use of these products. This is because there is not enough research to say how long they will continue to work well. If you have one of these devices you are advised to use additional contraception if it has reached its expiry date.
9My 5-year hormonal IUS has now expired and is due for a change. Will it still protect me?
If you are using a 5-year hormonal IUS, it is likely to be either Mirena or Levosert. The risk of getting pregnant a year after one of these 5-year devices expire (that is, during the 6th year of use) is very low. In fact, Levosert is now actually licensed for 6 years of use, and it is likely that this will also be true in the near future of Mirena. This is because there is now enough evidence that shows it works well as a contraceptive in the sixth year. However, since at this time the guidance is still under review, if it is critical for you not to get pregnant you may still opt to use additional contraceptive cover.
About Each Different Coil
Brand Name Effective Years Hormonal Cost
Mirena 6 550CHF
Jaydess 3 550CHF
Levosert 5 550CHF
Flexi T 5 X 500CHF
Gold T 5 X 500CHF
Silver T 5 X 500CHF
Copper Coil String 5 X 500CHF

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